Ahhh, those big eyes, cute cocked ears, wagging tails and soft whimper, all pleading for just a nibble or crumb….DON’T fall for it, DON’T do it!

Every early December we treat several cases of upset bellies, loose stool and pancreatitis. We even occasionally surgically remove gravel and rocks from the stomach and intestines.

Dogs and cats not used to rich turkey gravy, cheese sauces, left over fats or sweet treats can become very ill. The combination of unfamiliar foods and extra family excitement is something to be aware of as the Holiday Season begins. We know that the pets are having fun cleaning every plate, snatching every crumb and chasing children around. We also know that secretly they can be stressed inside which can manifest a few days later in the form of diarrhea and nausea and lethargy. We also know that pouring turkey scraps outside seems like a good idea which pets will agree with until gravel and things send them to our surgical table.

We know you love your pets and want to keep them safe and healthy. Stay tuned for some simple options and recipes to “treat” those big eyes, cocked heads, wagging tails and soft whimpers safely.