“I’m honored to serve the people of this great community and their pets.”Dr. Bice
“Dr. Bice is the most thoughtful and thorough vet I’ve ever had. He truly cares about the animal.”

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Dr. Allen Bice


I grew up around a lot of animals. Some pets, some livestock, and some who filled both roles. I graduated from Colorado State with a degree in Veterinary medicine in 1988 and went to work in Park City Utah in a busy two vet practice. After three years there I decided to change my career dramatically and joined the Army Veterinary Corps where I served for the next five years.

I loved the army and that experience provided an opportunity to do things with my degree that would not have been available anywhere else. I was happy there, but I longed to get back to Hurricane, where my heart has always been, and to a more traditional veterinary practice. I opened "The Desert Vet" in 1995. The name is one that I moonlighted under in Saudi Arabia while in the army.

I am convinced that serving others is the key to a full and happy life. Being a small animal veterinarian provides me an opportunity to serve people and their pets in a vital and important way. I am honored to be entrusted to serve the people of this great community and their pets. My goal is to match the medical care for each of my patients to their unique situation and needs.
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Laurie Stevens

Veterinary Technician

I moved to Southern Utah from Las Vegas in 1995 with my husband, two daughters, three dogs and two cats. Before that, I lived on a small farm in Michigan and knew then that I wanted to work with animals.

I graduated from two years of veterinary technician school in Northern California after high school. I have worked in several animal hospitals and have taken great experiences from each one. I have enjoyed learning, as well as sharing, many things with Dr. Bice and the other staff members at The Desert Vet.

I love having the chance to educate pet owners about the importance of health care and always hope that I can make a difference in the lives of my patients and their owners.
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Jennifer Fehrenbacker

Veterinary Technician

I grew up in Southern Utah on a family farm, so I have always been interested in animals! I started as a volunteer and the staff saw that I loved what I was doing. I was soon hired. After four years, I still enjoy learning something new every day and taking care of pre and post operation patients.

I love meeting new people so getting to know our clients and their pets is fun for me. I love sharing their stories with my family and using what I've learned here to take care of my own three dogs and one cat.
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